Osprey Ridge Vineyard

Where tradition meets innovation

Named for the birds that fish in the nearby river, Osprey Ridge is located just north of Phantom Creek. The vineyard is owned and operated by Robert Goltz. One of the premier growers in the valley, Robert practices innovative techniques such as planting vines at a higher density per acre to limit the yield per plant without affecting the overall yield or the exceptional quality of the grapes.
The vineyard is situated on a downward slope and receives a little less sunlight, which helps to offset the desert heat and protects the vines from frost.
Robert Goltz owns and operates Osprey Ridge with his son Nathan. He is known for his numerous innovations and the continual improvements of vineyard management techniques. Robert is currently experimenting with Rhone style grapes, a first in the Okanagan.



12 acres


Okanagan VQA

Vines Planted


Soil Type

Heavier loam mixed with rock that becomes gravel below three feet. This soil requires more carefully managed irrigation than other vineyards in the south.

Vineyard Wines

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